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Development of Advanced Technology Roadmaps in Nanomaterial Sciences and Industrial Adaptation to Small and Medium sized Enterprises


In the next ten years scientific developments in the field of substrate will influence many different industrial branches e.g. automotive, aeronautics, mechanical engineering, medical systems or health. In these industrial sectors many Sees are involved as traditional suppliers, start-ups or producers of high tech products. In order to remain competitive on these markets, the companies have to integrate these new results in their commercial vision for future products. The project NANO ROAD SME will develop technology roadmaps in the domain of nanomaterialscomprising the latest high-level scientific results by using a dynamic and holistic approach. Their functions will be to identify trends in research and development and to associate them to product and application visions. They will outline, which of them are technically and economically promising or possess high potentials for problem solving and where potential risks and relevant investigation requirements are assumed or social discussion requirement could prevail. In a second step these roadmaps will be adapted to the SME industrial culture in order to facilitate the integration of the European RTD results for substrate in the different industrial branches. The project involves well-known European research organisations and networks, which are leaders in the domain of substrate, European experts in the development of technology roadmaps and organisations specialised in the knowledge transfer to the industry and especially to Sees. The project has a large European dimension. It involves 12 organisations from 7 European countries including one Candidate country. The project "Structured Road SME" is a pilot initiative, which will develop technology roadmaps and use them to facilitate the transfer and integration of European RTD results from the Nan technological field (especiallynanomaterials) to Sees.


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