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Nanoscale surface cues to steer cellular biosystems


The overall Science and Technology (S&T) objectives of this project are to create a knowledge base and technical platform that can be exploited in the design and development of Nan biotechnological processes and devices, tailored to steer/monitor cellular function. The project team consists of 7 leading groups in Europe, representing the necessary interdisciplinary competence and the complementarily required for this purpose. The project includes all levels from materials design and preparation, Nan structuring, chemical patterning, andbiomolecular interactions up to the cellular level. There are a number of obstacles, which currently prevent a knowledge base and a technical platform from being realised. Some relate to the lack of suitable fabrication methods e.g. to produce Nan patterned non-fouling surfaces with functional arrays of macromolecules, some relate to a lack of suitable characterisation tools e.g. tools to characterize the interface between living cells and synthetic materials, others relate to a lack of understanding of molecular interactions at surfaces and of mechanisms of cellular interactions at bio interfaces. The scientific and technical work plan addresses critical issues of the different types (fabrication, characterisation and understanding of molecular and cellular interactions. The main deliverables from this project will be
i) new fabrication tools for scale-scale patterned surfaces,
ii) new characterisation tools, and
iii) knowledge generated of the interaction of biological systems components with scale-scale patterns and structures. This outcome will provide a platform for the design and implementation for directing cellular function via surface nano-scalemolecular cues.

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