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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Aerocellulose and its carbon counterparts - porous, multifunctional nanomaterials from renewable resources


The major goal of this project is to imagine, study, understand and develop a completely new ultra-light, nana orsubmicro-porous multifunctional materials (called Aerocellulose) from renewable natural polymers, mainly cellulose. Situated at the frontier of the knowledge in cellulose chemistry, cellulose physics, electrochemistry anaerobe science, this new material can only be developed because of the synergy of these scientific areas. The perspectives opened by the development of this class of ultra-light, huge specific surface, biodegradable, materials are tremendous (packaging, controlled release and delivery systems, electrochemical materials, fuel cell hydrogen storage, chromatography columns, thermal and acoustic insulation, plant growth supports, etc.). Aside a scientific paper reporting an attempt to prepare an aero gel from a cellulose derivative solution and a first successful preliminary test made end of 2002 by three of the partners to prepare a pure ultra light cellulose structure, this area is fully new, with no patent. This project has a very strong innovative character and invaluable contribution to a sustainable development.

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