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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Acceleration of Textile Processes by Ultrasound Technology


The project objective is supporting long-term innovation of the European textile industry and increasing its competitiveness by means of the generation of relevant scientific knowledge to develop novel ultrasound processes for textile andnonwoven applications. The work programme is composed of 8 work packages (Was), which concern:
-WP 1: generation of basic, fundamental knowledge in the application of ultrasound to textile processing;
-WP 2: mass transfer intensification (by a factor of 100 to 1000) by ultrasound, to reduce time windows in textile cleaning;
-WP 3: soon-biochemistry, aimed at developing ultrasound processes for enzyme catalysed textile applications;
-WP 4: coating processes with Nan particles and polymers at ambient temperature by using ultrasound, producing textiles with specific technical properties (e.g. ultraviolet protection);
-WP 5: application of the ultrasound technology within the no woven production, and more specifically:
to crosslinksuper-absorbent polymers (SAP) for end-use in hygienic products; to improve chemical bonding of no woven webs, so obtaining products with better mechanical properties;
-WP 6: lamination with adhesives that change their 3D structure by using ultrasound;
-WP 7: exploitation and dissemination of the project results;
-WP 8: project management. The outputs of the project can be summarised as follow:
-generation of relevant scientific knowledge in son mechanics, to be used to enhance mass transfer in continuously operated wet textile processes;
-generation of new knowledge on zoochemistry applied to textile processes: synergisms between acoustic fields and enzymes in homogenous and heterogeneous systems, novel lamination and coating processes, and in the nonwovenproduction;
-development of dedicated design rules for ultrasonically driven processes in the textile industry;-development of dedicated design rules for transducers and ultrasonic equipment for different textile processes.

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