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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Development of a "Tandem" chemosensor system based on both highly selective and highly sensitive innovative materials: Application to ultra-trace detection of EXplosives


In a context of growing international terrorism, there is an increasing need for highly sensitive smart sensors able to detect and identify clearly and rapidly dangerous substances and more particularly explosives. The objective of the project is to demonstrate a new highly sensitive "tandem" sensor concept presenting improved selectivity. For this purpose, we propose to combine and integrate both a highly selective material such as a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer and a highly sensitive transducer such as a fluorescent polymer. The main objective of this project is to address medium-long term innovation by demonstrating the potentiality of optimised multifunctional materials for improved sensing performances. Particular attention will also be paid to integration and to additional criteria such as materials stability, ease of operation and future potentiality of deviceminiaturization. The consortium that is proposed here brings together complementary and highly competent partners, which should ensure the success of this project:
CEA (F), strong research institute, will be working on the design and realisation of the selective MIP filtering element in close collaboration with a SME in the Molecular Imprinting domain:
MIP Technologies (S).
IMEC (B), another strong research institute will be working on the optimisation of pi-conjugated fluorescent polymers and Tales TRT France, strong industrial group, will explore the concept of side-chain fluorescent polymers.
CNRS (F) will study the photo physical properties of the sensitive films in the presence of the analyse. Optical design and integration will be treated by a third research group NMRC (Ire) in close collaboration with a SME from the optical chemosensory domain: Non-Coms. Integration towards a demonstrator will be done by Jenasensoric (D),private research group in the area of intelligent multisensor systems. The laboratory BAM (D) will evaluate test-device performances.

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