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Content archived on 2024-05-29

New coatings deposited by PACVD for corrosion protection


This project has been designed so as to develop smart multifunctional coatings based on [Si-O-N] materials. These coating will be deposited by PACVD process coupled with microwaves. The coatings prepared will combine corrosion resistance and tribology, dec orative and anti-sticking properties. Developing such a kind of material is only possible if fundamental knowledge on materials and associated coating process is gained. Therefore, the global objectives of this project are : -To develop, understand and cha racterise new materials related to the [Si-O-N] ternary system. -To manufacture coatings with these new materials using a new PACVD process coupled with microwaves. -To develop, understand and characterise new coatings made with these materials. To design coatings suitable to achieve the properties expected, studies and development will be carried out at each stage: -Substrate surface improvement (mechanical or plasma-assisted preparations). An understanding of the corrosion phenomena on various substrates will be carried out. -Choice and preparation of the materials for coating. -Study, design and optimisation of PACVD process. The objectives are clearly to improve the deposition rate and to deposit in the same PACVD equipment anti-corrosion and DLC coating s. Theoretical modelling of the coating processes (parameters and plasma) and the designing & testing of new reactors to improve the coating process in terms of deposition rate, homogeneity of the coatings, thickness will constitute the core of the wor k on the process. -Coating understanding. A complete characterisation will allow the correlation between properties and coatings. The coatings developed will be validated by CRF, EADS, HEF and TEFAL for automotive, aeronautic and household appliances. The MATECO partnership includes 10 partners coming from 4 European countries. It gathered 5 RTD centres, each one specialised in one field, 1 techno-providers, 3 end-users and a project manager

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