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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Theoretical and experimental studies of biologically relevant processes: particle separation, polymer and membranes dynamics, molecular adhesion


My research project can be grouped around three interdisciplinary topics (one experimental and two theoretical) of biological physics. I will work on these project in parallel with the help of one or two students. (1) Particle separation: Based on a two-di mensional array of symmetric micron sized obstacles I am planning to bluid a separating device, wich could sort brownian particles, DNA in particular, according to their diffusion coefficient. (2) Polymer and membranes dynamics: With an appropritate and si multaneous renormalization of the bond length and bending rigidity of computer models of polymeric filaments, I am developing a new method, wich could speed up the computer simulations significantly. I will also investigate (both theoretically and numerica lly) how the coupling between the concentration of membrane proteins and the geometry of lipid membranes affects the shape of membrane structures and the distribution of proteins. (3) Molecular adhesion: I will study theoretically the unbinding process of adhesion complexes (e.g. ligand-receptor pairs) in situations when the unbinding trajectory contains multiple energy barriers. I will also try to interpret some recent observations on the exchange between absorbed and desorbed proteins by making theoretica l models pf protein adsorption on solid surfaces.

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