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Content archived on 2024-05-29

A multimedia repository on European food science: production, quality and safety

Final Report Summary - MREFS (A Multimedia repository on European food science: production, quality and safety)

The aim of the MREFS project was to gather information concerning European Union (EU) funded food quality and safety sponsored research activities for the public forum. The project focused on food biotechnology research through innovative content presentation and aimed to support a dialogue between the scientists and the stakeholders. This would be done in a form that would be easily understood and accessible to target groups including educators, the general public and the media. The project addressed these objectives by undertaking concrete actions. These actions can be divided into four deliverables, the results of which are stated below:

Focus meetings
A total of three focus meetings were held during the project. The first two concentrated on optimising the interaction between the scientific community and the public. Their main objectives were to identify the needs of the media, educational and Non-governmental organisation (NGO) communities. The third meeting focused on specific issues concerning the way to better communicate specific risk issues within the framework of the case studies and associated DVD. It dealt with elements of risk communication theory and practice.

Production of films
The project management identified forefront European sponsored research projects and science clusters that served as a backbone for the creation of the films. The topics included Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and metabolic profiling, diabetes and asthma. The films focused on the research activities in the related scientific activities. The films targeted the general public and educational institutions.

Internet database / reference centre
The project website was active since the beginning of the project. It contains information about three European projects, namely MREFS, EMRS, RISK NETWORK. Together the content and supporting were complementary.

The Rapid response network (RRN)
While the films and the internet multimedia library formed the core activity of the project, a rapid response network was also established with the aim of providing response to questions and issues raised by MREF user groups. A new web-based educational tool was developed that provided the means for closer cooperation between teachers, students and scientists.