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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Peace processes in community conflicts: from understanding the roots of conflicts to conflict resolution


The overall objective of PEACE-COM is to analyse the causes and developments of community conflicts in Europe and in accession countries, and to develop tools and options for conflict resolution. This project is divided in 8 work packages : WP1 will review the history of community conflicts in Europe and investigate the effects of European integration on existing conflicts. It will also set up a typology of community conflicts in Europe; After having selected the 150 " target actors" per conflict, WP2 will build the questionnaire to be sent to these actors, and ensure its sending and translation into the relevant languages; WP3 will study the main actors of each conflict, and the institutions that are central to their development. It will analyse the data ob tained on these subjects through the questionnaires previously sent, conduct in-depth interviews and observation; WP4 will study the actions undertaken by the groups in conflict. This WP will distinguish general types of action and link these to the charac teristics of each conflict; WPS will focus on policies or initiatives set up to handle these conflicts. This work package will analyse the conditions of success or failure of these policies. It will also identify "holes" in accommodation policies, leaving room for additional measures; WP6 will elaborate measurable indicators for monitoring community conflicts, and test their transferability to other conflicts. The aim of this WP is therefore twofold: to offer a forecasting and policy function, and to transf orm the data gathered in the previous work packages into indicators; WP7 will ensure that the knowledge and expertise gained through the project is transferred to the political level as well as to the wider academic community for further exploitation; WPO will deal with all aspects relating to the project's management, its objective being to ensure the timely completion of the project and the delivery of high quality research.'

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