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Advanced Protection Systems (APROSYS)


The IP on Advanced Protective Systems (APROSYS) will focus on scientific and technology development in the field of passive safety (crash safety). The field of passive safety concerns in particular human biomechanics (injury mechanisms and criteria), vehicle and infrastructure crashworthiness and occupant and road user protection systems. The general objective of APROSYS is the development and introduction of critical technologies that improve passive safety for all European road users in all-relevant accident types and accident severities. The consortium consists of 51 partners: 9 top vehicle manufacturers, 8 suppliers and other industries, 4 SMEs, 13 universities and 13 research institutes, 4 representative organisations from 12 EU Member States. APROSYS objectives/outputs are: 1) Development of new injury criteria and injury tolerance. 2) Development of new mathematical models of the human body (crash & pre-crash phase, arbitrary body sizes). 3) Development of a new world-wide harmonised crash dummy for representation of a small female car occupant (side impact). 4) Development of knowledge and tools enabling the design, implementation and evaluation of intelligent safety systems. 5) Enhancement of virtual testing technology for design and evaluation of crash protection methods. 6) Development of advanced protection systems for injury reduction of pedestrians and pedal cyclists (front impact, primary & second impact). 7) Development of advanced protection systems including compatibility strategies for injury reduction of car occupants (front & side impacts). 8) Development of advanced protection systems for injury reduction in most relevant accident type involving heavy trucks. 9) Development of advanced protection systems for reduction (number, severity) of injuries of motorcyclists. APROSYS is divided in 9 inter-connected sub-projects: SP1 car accidents, SP2 heavy vehicle accidents, SP3 pedestrian-pedal cyclist accidents...


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