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Identification of novel targets for cancer therapy


Despite intensive worldwide research efforts, cancer remains a devastating, often poorly treatable disease. We propose to develop and apply new functional genomics technologies that will provide unique approaches to the design of new pathway- specific cancer therapies. Our specific objectives are: 1)To develop large-scale functional genomic analysis to identify novel mechanisms involved in cancer development; specifically, we will generate the tools and technologies to carry out genome-wide loss-of-function screens in mammalian cells. 2)To apply these technologies to specific models of major human cancer-causing pathways to define novel targets for therapy. 3)To use existing and generate novel mouse models and non-invasive tumour imaging to validate and assay cancer gene function in vivo and to develop new treatment modalities. 4)To develop cell-based assays for cancer-relevant genes and pathways that will serve as readout for the identification of anticancer agents through the screening of chemical compound libraries. 5)To distribute and disseminate the novel technologies for the study of gene function in vitro and vivo within the consortium and to researchers in the European Community. To reach these objectives we have formed a multidisciplinary research consortium, including top scientists with extensive experience in developing innovative genomics technologies and with an excellent track-record in identifying key signalling molecules involved in cancer, as well as SMEs with experience in identifying cancer-relevant genes and in screening chemical compound libraries. The location of most of the partners at leading European cancer centers will ensure optimal conditions for the development of novel cancer-specific treatments. This proposal provides new possibilities of "Translating basic knowledge of functional oncogenomics into cancer diagnosis and treatment" in compliance with the main goal in the "LifeSciHealth" call in FP6.

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