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Development of an innovative acoustic system for the improvement of co-operative air traffic management


The SAFE-AIRPORT project involves the development of an innovative acoustic system based on two passive phased array microphone antennas capable of finding and tracking aircraft up to at least sixth nautical miles distance both in the air and on the ground. The system can be completely integrated with an airport's air traffic management procedures and it is an effective air control system for ATZ (Aerodrome Traffic Zone), autonomous for smaller airports and integrated with standard control systems for larger airports. The system consists of two acoustic sensors, to be used in open environments and a control unit linked to the sensor through a fibre optics connection, with a control console to be installed inside the airport structure, which is managed by an operator. Data survey portability to radar platform and data visualisation and exchange are compatible with "Eurocontrol Standard Document for ATS ADEXP [DPS.ET1.ST09-std-01-01]".

The main advantages of the SAFE-AIRPORT system with respect to radar systems will be the lower cost, and that it is the electromagnetic and acoustic pollution free. System development includes the complete simulation of the system, through the development of simulation software that includes external acoustic environment modelling and the relative test conditions scenarios. This will give control to system requirements and performances. The simulation will be used both to guide system design and to verify system performances in collision-risk situations. The development of the simulation software will be in compliance with "Federal Aviation Administration Standard Software Development for the NAS [FAA-STD-026]". The project is planned to be realised through two distinct steps. The first step will last 18 months (financed by the present contract) and includes design and development of one sensor. The second step (the next 18 months not financed by the present contract) concerns the complementing of the first sensor and the production of the second sensor.

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