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Personalized Information Platform for Life and Health Services

Project description

PIPS innovative services aimed at prevention and improvement of Individual's lifestyle deliverying predictive and preventive medicine-based services for Well-Being offered to the citizen.

The ultimate challenge of PIPS is to exploit the most advanced information technologies in order to encourage healthier individual choices in our daily lives by providing the ‘individual’ precise information to improve one’s well-being and quality of life, to prevent and to keep under control diseases and also to guarantee continuous support to treatments after being discharged from the hospital or to chronically ill patients. 

PIPS, is an attentive, discreet, and loyal “virtual assistant”, always available:  all you need is a computer, a mobile phone, and an internet connection.  PIPS wants to help the individual.  A loyal virtual assistant who translates medical advice and prescriptions into practical suggestions which accompany all our daily decisions, be they big or small.  If put in constant use PIPS helps to improve the quality of life and also prevent possible risks to one’s health. Services are personalized on Individual’s profile based on preventive/predictive medicine, developing innovative technological solutions, ranging from continuity of care to education and impact on lifestyle.

The PIPS technological platform enables wide range of innovative services thanks to: Decision Support tools, Knowledge Management tools, Trust models/tools (sensitive data privacy and protection, trust case), Risk Management strategies, Protocols for integration of smart health monitoring, product traceability devices and location-based-services.

The main characteristics that have made PIPS what is at the end more of five years of research, development, demonstration, dissemination, user and expert involvement, scientific discussion and work are:

  • the Personalization realizing a comprehensive integration of knowledge and processes to provide personalized ad-hoc simple solutions for the needs of patients and citizens with the aim to IMPROVE COMPLIANCE;
  • the adaptive support solutions generating an automatic ubiquitous support for the users anytime, anywhere, in the day-by-day life;
  • the Continuity of care support enabling a dynamic acquisition and assessment of patient information to supply the whole care delivery chain CLOSING THE LOOP of the integrated health delivery, useful for healthy people and for chronic diseases;
  • an holistic view of the personal health and wellbeing empowering the involvement of health professionals, family and individual in a comprehensive care delivery process making the INTEGRATION WITH THE CONTEXT a reality;
  • an approach motivating the citizens towards the improvement of their lifestyle: PIPS has proposed the inclusion of a psychologically based strategy targeting the long-term improvement of the lifestyle through education and entertainment to REACH THE CITIZEN AND MOTIVATE THE CHANGES;
  • the decision support approach making the citizen aware to take Decision because PIPS has created the knowledge conditions at the point of decision for the citizen to believe, think and act managing to RAISE THE AWARENESS.

The PIPS project kicked-off 1/Jan. 2004 and closed 30/June 2008. The Consortium, coordinated by the San Raffaele Institute has been composed by 17 partners form 5 EU member States, supranational organizations and other Countries (Canada, China, Switzerland and Israel).

Three pilot releases of the PIPS services platform have been released in Italy and Spain involving a huge community of External Experts and end users in the validation and evaluation process. Spin-off and Clinical Trials were identified and defined. The strolling and motivation trial for diabetes patients is now running at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan.

The PIPS project will make a significant step forward in the processes for healthcare (HC) delivery to the European Public by means of creating a new Health and Life Knowledge and Services Support Environment. This will improve current HC delivery models while creating possibilities for HC professionals to get access to relevant-updated medical knowledge and the European citizens to choose healthier lifestyles. The objective is to encompass the entire set of business processes, professional practices, and products applied to the analysisand preservation of the citizen's well-being using the latest innovations in ICT. The project joins HC suppliers, citizens, public organizations, food/drug industry and services, researchers, and health related policy makers, that are affected by the health status of individuals and the population, to create a dynamic knowledge environment that nourishes the system, and gives added value feedback for personalisedand contextuallzed knowledge and services to improve the European public's welfare. In the PIPS scenario each actor is a supplier and receiver of personalised knowledge. This includes both explicit and implicit knowledge management based on traditional and new approaches to knowledge discovery out from current medical practice, evidence based medicine, and disparate knowledge sources from health/nutrition domains.PIPS results will enable:- HC Professionals to deliver just-in-time personalised and prevention-focused HC services compliant with the Citizen's personal health state, preferences and ambient conditions- Citizens to make informed decisions about therapies and nutrition at any time/place according to the real-time evaluation of their health state- HC Authorities to improve risk management of HC systems- Actors in the HC delivery value chain to get access to and generate valuable information, assuring the global sustainability of the system.

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