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4G MC-CDMA multiple antenna system on chip for radio enhancements


The European vision for 4th generation terrestrial system is a fully IP-based integrated system offering any kind of services, at any time and able to support multiple classes of terminals. In order to accommodate future services requiring high capacity, a broadband component is envisioned with a maximum information bit rate of more than 2-20 Mbps in a vehicular environment and possibly 50-100 Mbps in indoor to pedestrian environments, using a 50-100 MHz bandwidth. One of the most promising technologies for this broadband component is MC-CDMA (OFDM-CDMA), which combines the merits of OFDM with those of spread-spectrum techniques.

4MORE will research and develop an innovative architecture compatible with advanced algorithms, and will validate a cost-effective, low-power System on Chip (SoC) solution on a demonstration system, for multi-antenna MC-CDMA mobile terminals, based on joint optimisation of L1 and L2 functions. The strong emphasis put on the achievement of a SoC design is motivated by the competition present in Japan. 4MORE will take advantage of the potentialities offered by MIMO techniques in order to achieve the required broadband capabilities. Furthermore, the design of the L2 components (IP traffic mapping, dynamic resource allocation, etc.) will be deeply interrelated with L1 (space-time coding, array processing, interference cancellation, synchronisation, etc.), in order for the L3 IP-based services to fully exploit the high throughput offered by the physical layer.

4MORE will target high bit rates and high mobility in geographically restricted areas, i.e. a complement-type scenario according to the ITU-R vision for systems beyond IMT2000. As a result, the project will develop and integrate a set of IP (intellectual property) blocks at the terminal level. Moreover, a demonstrator will be implemented, including the RF front-end, and tested to validate the system capabilities.

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