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Preventive and active safety applications contribute to the road safety goals on European roads


The transport policy goals for road safety set by the European Commission for 2010 can only be reached by means of an integrated and holistic approach. Research should focus not only on the crash phase and the post-crash phase, but also on the pre-crash phase, taking passive, active and preventive safety measures into account.

The development and rapid dissemination of safety systems can only achieved at competitive costs by defining safety functions, integrating in-vehicle systems and combining them with enhanced telematics into a network of integrated safety systems. PReVENT, as part of the EUCAR Integrated Safety, takes into account the recommendations of the Commission Communication "Information and Communications Technologies for Safe and Intelligent Vehicles" COM(2003) 542, Brussels, 15.9.2003. The project supports the Commission actions that aim to promote the development, deployment and use of Intelligent Integrated Safety Systems in Europe. PReVENT will help drivers to avoid accidents Depending on the significance and timing of the danger, the systems will alert the drivers as early as possible, warn them and, if they do not react, actively assist or ultimately intervene.

In PReVENT, a number of subprojects are proposed within the clearly complementary function fields: Safe Speed and Safe Following, Lateral Support and Driver Monitoring, Intersection Safety, and Vulnerable Road Users and Collision Mitigation. Additional cross-functional fields have been prioritised regarding the common understanding of functional architectures, validation and impact evaluation principles, sensor data fusion, map related matters and liability issues as well as cohesion of strategies paving the way for early market introduction. After three of the four years of PReVENT, a common Safety Application Roadshow will be organised with all participants contributing, exhibiting the results and creating awareness as an important milestone in preparation for the European market.

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