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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Dynamic and distributed adaptation of scalable multimedia content in a context-aware environment


DANAE proposes to address the dynamic and distributed adaptation of scalable multimedia content in a context-aware environment. Its objectives are to specify, develop, integrate and validate in a testbed a complete framework able to provide end-to-end quality of (multimedia) service at a minimal cost to the end-user. An application will be specifically developed and implemented on a demonstrator, to illustrate the new service concepts pioneered by the Project.

The work will cover:
(i) the definition of scalable media formats with their associated meta-data,
(ii) their adaptation to the session context for making full featured distributed multimedia scene adaptation through global optimisation of audio, video, 2D graphics, 2D/3D virtual characters and
(iii) the transport and delivery of multimedia content to the end-user. Error resilient and efficient (in terms of bitrate and required processing power in the player) coding schemes will be studied to cater for the specific constraints introduced by the existing multiplicity of networks and terminals.

The inter-relationship of content adaptation and scalability with Digital Rights Management (DRM) and charging issues will also be explored. As an outcome, an advanced MPEG-21 chain will be produced. Finally potential new business models will be analysed that would allow assessment of the commercial viability of the new services pioneered by DANAE. DANAE is proposed for a duration of 30 months. After specification and development, all individual key building-blocks implementing the novel concepts and technical features will be integrated, and technically validated in a central end-to-end test-bed which will then be used to demonstrate the novel service types with the developed application.

DANAE work will be based on the existing MPEG standards which however need to evolve so that they cover the new technical aspects pioneered by the project. The DANAE partners commit themselves to actively contribute to this evolution.

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