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Content archived on 2024-06-20

Methodology and tools infrastructure for the creation of knowledge units


For content to become valuable in the knowledge economy, its relationship with knowledge workers' tasks needs to be explored. The primary scientific objective of METOKIS is therefore, to make a substantial contribution to the development of self-describing knowledge and content structures, by clarifying the relationships between content and the knowledge that may be encoded in the content.

Based on task analyses in three knowledge workers' scenarios, METOKIS will:
1) Create a prototype "knowledge content carrier architecture" which builds upon existing standards as well as prototype knowledge content models developed for semantic annotation of multimedia assets and for trading of knowledge units, respectively.
2) Create applications that test and validate the knowledge content carrier architecture by putting it into action. First the project will deliver a methodology and an economic framework detailing where and when the knowledge content carrier architecture can be usefully applied. Next, the following real-world applications - each with differing knowledge content requirements - will be built:+ definition and evaluation of treatment protocols for clinical trials+ an educational on-line learning system for migrants;+ a decision support system for senior executives.

The consortium brings extensive experience and existing knowledge: Academic partners with complementary specialisation in organisational methodology, business studies, and ontological modelling will team up with technology partners with expertise in scalable knowledge management systems for knowledge market places, semantic annotations of multimedia, and visualisation of information spaces, in order to ensure the validation through real-world test cases. Through its component-level research targeted at a semantic interoperation layer, METOKIS will lay a foundation for future tools needed by knowledge workers whose tasks will increasingly be based around the use of multimedia content.

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