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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Simulation based automated diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of cardiovascular diseases


The complexity of the cardiovascular system reduces the efficiency of several existing techniques for 3D reconstruction and surgery planning. CARDITIS's objective is to overcome the weaknesses of the existing methods for the accurate reconstruction and simulation of the cardiac system. CARDITIS aims at providing cardiologists and cardio surgeons with a software and hardware platform, which can be used as an intelligent interventional and surgical simulator. Its primary objective is to expand understanding of the human cardiovascular system.

From a technological point of view CARDITIS aims at reaching the following objectives: Introduction of a surgery planning system based on the construction of a 3D patient-specific geometric model of the human cardiovascular system; Development of innovative and efficient methods for multi-modal imaging, reconstruction and knowledge representation will be carried out; Providing cardio surgeons and cardiologists with a tool for handling realistic simulations of medical procedures, an interactive virtual environment to graphically design surgical plans, alter the geometry of the 3D individualized model, in order to observe patients' cardiac system and decide about their treatment. Several types of virtual surgeries and interventions will be covered by the system, such as operative angioplasty (e.g. balloon angioplasty) and atherectomy, bypass, stent placement, etc.

Finally, CARDITIS will be a valuable tool for health professionals to improve their surgical plans. Hospitals, clinics, cardiological centres and other health units can use CARDITIS for medical care and accurate diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of their patients. It can be used as an advanced educational platform for universities and hospitals. Patients will also greatly benefit since their treatment will become more efficient.

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