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SECURE-JUSTICE: secure communication and collaboration framework for the judicial co-operation environment


The SecurE-Justice project concerns the design and development of innovative secure technologies to be embedded in a distributed communication and collaboration framework to be implemented in multiple judicial sites. The SecurE-Justice system will therefore enable the judicial co-operation process management in compliance with security requirements and trust and confidence needs. The project idea originates from a fact: public administrations being multi-site and having to deal with distributed process management, have expressed their needs in terms of security compliant systems and ask for a global security management framework, enabling a secure collaboration and co-operation environment.

The overall platform of SecurE-Justice will consist in a technological product:- based on the embedding of the most innovative security technologies into a unique technological solution enabling secure communication and knowledge sharing in a large multi-site organisation context;- oriented to the security market in general and particularly devoted to the market of security management in a distributed environment and judicial co-operation.

The two fundamental research action lines addressed by the project are:
- secure user management: identification, authentication and authorisation of users; PKI, digital certificates and biometrics identification technologies;
- secure communication management: confidentiality, integrity and non repudiation; SIP message encryption, SecureRTP and digital watermarking technologies.

SecurE-Justice lasts 36 months, gathers a wide and qualified consortium that brings to the project a unique mix of complementary skills and expertise. It is a technology oriented and user driven project: four multi-site judicial public administrations involved will test and validate the SecurE-Justice framework according to judicial co-operation scenarios.

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