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NEXUS - supporting IP's and NOE's ensuring SME representation and introducing NAS partners


The NEXUSPLUS project will maximize the exploitation potential of technologies, processes and products that are developed in both IST and NMP (Growth) Integrated Projects (IPs) and Networks of Excellence (NOEs) inthe area of Micro and nanosystems. It will also identify potential SME and Newly Associated States (NAS)partners and provide entry points for them to join existing and future IPs and NOEs.The principal means of meeting the objectives is through the organization of eight, six-monthly meetings, to which representatives of agreed IPs and NOEs, identified and selected SMEs and selected NAS partners would be invited.

Each of the IPs would describe their activities and also developments that could be exploited in other IPs and NOEs and in other market sectors. SMEs with the potential to join projects would have the chance to outline their capabilities, as would the NAS invitees. World experts would benchmark the activities by presenting at each meeting. Meetings would be held alternatively in the West and the East. EURIMUS representatives would be invited, as EURIMUS can 50% fund projects to bridge the gap between research and prototype. Also invited would be Venture Capitalists in search of good ideas to fund through to market launch. A significant amount of work will be undertaken to identify suitable SMEs and NAS partners.

This work will utilize proven techniques used to build the existing network of NEXUS User Supplier Clubs (USCs) and Eastern European contact points. Details of exploitable technologies, processes and products, will be made available on the project website, together with details of the capabilities of the selected SMEs and NAS participants. This information will be widely disseminated at the meetings and through the website, and also through a monthly e-mail magazine and MST News. Eighty separate dissemination actions are planned to reach 350,000 people�

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