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Speech Automatic Friendly Interface Research 2 any devices and transactions

Project description

Networked business and governments

The Safir project will give each citizen or user groups an equal opportunity to access at any time and interactively existing up to date egovernment information thru easy devices as TV , gsm, phone, PDA,... from anywhere by usage of own voice in his daily language, creating the demand for widespread use of broadband services to carry high quantity Voice and Images data: Safir will create an innovative paradigm combining Voice and Graphics Imagine the citizen at anytime everywhere simply speaking to his TV or GSM to request and fill egov forms and transactions... Objectives are: Offer easy transaction access to both PC illiterate citizens and special users like fire brigades, civil employees ... while on the move, eg: permit forms, adequate field reaction to hazards, anonymous e-payment... Establish the techniques and procedures to have up to date data to be used by the citizens and the special users, Including multimodal automatic adaptations and preferences, Enhancing data modeling and voice domains thru ontology and semantic in a multilingual enlarged Europe. These will be enriched thru:Pilots eg : mobile voice data capture to solve governmental database reliability, Security and other citizens concerns, Integration of e-Learning modules.The needed e-Work process redesign. The results will be: Software and Architecture for auto adaptive easy to use multimodal interfaces, Standards proposals and adaptations, Link local linguistic rules with egov and epay applications for interface's automatic creation, Methodologies and procedures to allow specific classes of workers ( civil protection, police , regions, deciders ...) to increase the quality of data and services for people, Early visible adopters for pan European deployment. Creating the pillars for a better non digitally divided society. Imagine your life rescued, your permit fast granted, be never lost, securing your rights and get JIT help...thanks to Safir.;

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