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A Virtual Reality Intelligent Multisensor Wearable System for Phobias Treatment


INTREPID project aims at developing a multi-sensor context-aware wearable system for the treatment of phobias. Scientific objectives are:
(a) To effectively exploit the synergy in the information acquired from biometric sensors and develop a new and efficient data fusion process, which will significantly broaden machine perception and enhance awareness of the phobia's states.
(b) To create a new sensor management system that will use active and selective perception techniques in order to optimise the performance of the multi-sensor system and the overall data fusion process.

Technological objectives are:
(a) To create a multi-sensor system that will optimally monitor phobias' symptoms. The system will measure heart rate, perspiration rate, breath rate, muscle stiffness and if needed complementary modalities through a set of miniaturized wearable sensors.
(b) To create a sophisticated environment in a wearable computer that will consist of:
(i) A knowledge-based expert system that will trigger in real time the alternation of sceneries in an immersive VR environment especially designed for VR exposure therapy.
(ii) A virtual environment that will enable the patients to interact with the objects or situations of fear.
(iii) Mechanisms that enable telepresence. The therapist will be able to intervene in real time into the VR scenery experienced by patient and assist him to control his emotions.
(iv) Mechanisms that record and transmit the physiological and emotional effects, which the VR environment provokes to a patient, in a health professional's site.
(c) To create a professional site for therapists that will assist them to design the next steps of the patient's therapy taking into account the individualized physiological and emotional state of each patient. The system will assist patients to recover from their phobias and health professionals to monitor their patients and treatment procedures through a system which provides with enhanced intelligence.

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