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The key objective of the WINNER project is to develop a totally new concept in radio access. This is built on the recognition that developing disparate systems for different purposes (cellular, WLAN, short-range access etc.) will no longer be sufficient in the future coverged Wireless World. This concept will be realised in the ubiquitous radio system concept. The vision of a ubiquitous radio system concept is providing wireless access for a wide range of services and applications across all environments, from short-range to wide-area, with one single adaptive system concept for all envisaged radio environments. It will efficiently adapt to multiple scenarios by using different modes of a common technology basis. The concept will comprise the optimised combination of the best component technologies, based on a analysis of the most promising technologies and concepts available or proposed within the research community.

The initial development of technologies and their combination in the system concept will be further advanced towards future system realisation. Compared to current and evolving mobile and wireless systems, the WINNER system concept will provide significant improvements in peak data rate, latency, mobile speed, spectrum efficiency, coverage, cost per bit and supported environments taking into account specified Quality-of-Service requirements. The concept will provide the wireless access underpinning the knowledge society and the eEurope initiative, enabling the "ambient intelligence" vision. To achieve this impact, the concept will be derived by a systematic approach. Advanced radio technologies will be investigated with respect to predicted user requirements and challenging scenarios.

The project will contribute to the global research, regulatory and standardisation process. Given the consortium pedigree, containing major players across the whole domain, such contributions will have a major impact on the future directions of the Wireless World.

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