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Privacy and Identity Management for Europe

Project description

Towards a global dependability and security framework
Privacy and Identity Management for all.

Information technologies are becoming pervasive and powerful to the point that privacy of citizens is now at risk. In the Information Society, individuals want to keep their autonomy and retain control over personal information, irrespective of their activities. The widening gap on this issue between laws and practices on the networks undermines trust and threatens critical domains like mobility, health care and the exercise of democracy. PRIME addresses this issue via an integrative approach of the legal, social, economic and technical areas of concern to build synergies about the research, development and evaluation of solutions on privacy-enhancing identity management (IDM) that focus on end-users. The work plan supports this integration over the project lifetime through multiple iterations of increasing ambition. PRIME elaborates a framework to integrate all technical and non-technical aspects of privacy-enhancing IDM. During and after the project, the framework will act as a lingua franca between all actors and reinforce their roles and responsibilities for full effectiveness. PRIME advances the state of the art far beyond the objectives of existing initiatives to address foundational technologies (human-computer interface, ontologies, authorization, cryptology), assurance and trust, and architectures. It validates its results with prototypes and experiments with end-users, taking into account legacy applications and interoperability with existing and emerging IDM standards. PRIME creates awareness and timely disseminates its results, in particular through computer-based education. PRIME involves leading experts from application and service providers, data protection authorities, academic and industrial research, and invites all major stakeholders to join its Reference Group. PRIME participation prepares the transfer of its results to industry and standardisation to strongly support European privacy regulations and reinforce European leadership.

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