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Satellite access technologies: Leading improvements for Europe


SATLIFE stands for Satellite Access Technologies: Leading Improvements For Europe. This project will be the first and unique RandD project in the world including in its activities work with a real (and first) multimedia on-board processor, the AMERHIS system, based on the satellite standards DVB-RCS and DVB-S. The AMERHIS is going to be launched in early 2004 by HISPASAT.

SATLIFE will strategically respond to the imperative need of facilitating the development of a broadband for all access by means of significantly enhancing the state-of-the-art of DVB-RCS satellite standard solutions, with focus on regenerative and the compatibility with transparent systems, while integrating them with other terrestrial alternatives in the implementation of the Information Society. This ambitious and innovative RandD project starts from the successful IST-2000-25091 IBIS Project. Thanks to IBIS, which defined and studied this first multimedia on-board processor system, it has derived on a real solution embarked on the next HISPASAT's satellite, a programme running under the ESA-AMERHIS Project which will bring the first multimedia on-board system in the world based on the DVB-RCS/DVB-S standards.

SATLIFE consortium will ensure the integration of all the RandD effort carried out in IBIS and AMERHIS by including all the expertise and partners participating in these two projects. The Consortium has been further complemented with the incorporation of relevant and complementary companies. SATLIFE has planned to perform real trials of the challenging RandD activity focused mainly on the first satellite with a DVB-RCS processor in the world (the AMERHIS). In addition, a pilot DVB-RCS transparent platform will be used. End users will be integrated in both cases.

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