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INTELCITIES aims to support achievement of the EU policy goal of the "Knowledge Society" by 2010 through advancement of e-Governance at the city scale, focusing on a range of citizens' and business concerns about decision-making over regeneration and management of their local built environment. It addresses IST strategic objective Networked Business and Governments: "Development of ICTs to support (urban) organisational networking, (urban re-development) process integration, and sharing of resources (through public-private partnerships)" by constructing a demonstration of an Integrated Open System City Platform. The objective of the IOSCP is an integrated citywide information system continuously accessible to all (planners, developers, politicians, designers, engineers, transport and utility service providers AND individual citizens) that will enable more inclusive decision-making and support more sustainable life-styles.

The IP brings together a critical mass of 20 cities, led by Manchester and Siena with 20 ICT companies including Nokia, Microsoft and CISCO and 35 research groups to undertake prototype studies in a number of EU cities aimed at integrating a wide range of existing IST platforms and information systems. In addition to technical interoperability the project will also address the parallel challenges of ensuring stakeholder inclusion and capacity building within local government organisation transformation so that feasibility, functionality and usability of the IOSCP can be adequately demonstrated.

The open systems architecture, relevant standards and underlying multidimensional databases will ensure flexibility and futurity of the "intelligent environments" being developed. It is anticipated that this will provide more agile governance to support rapid business development whilst enhancing citizens' rights in urban decision-making via advanced visualisation, forecasting, simulation and sustainability evaluation of re-development.

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