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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Decision support and knowledge driven collaborative practices in Palliative care


PALLIANET objective is to support knowledge driven collaborative practices in order to minimise risks in the context of palliative care. The project aims at conceiving an advanced solution supporting the needs of city professionals by combining a Community and Knowledge Management service, Advanced human-computer interaction features that makes access for caregivers easy and natural, and Coordination Facilities that would enable to maintain the quality and relevance of knowledge and in particular to analyse the way in which patients cases have been handled in order to measure the risks associated to palliative care; assess their costs; make explicit new Best Practices that can be disseminated through "Best Practice Guides" and possibly revise the semantics to improve knowledge accessibility.

This raises a number of Technological Research Objectives: Reference Ontology, EHR Contextualisation, Natural language for Ontology filtering, Knowledge Management and Community of Practice and Knowledge Generation. By support Health Professionals in implementing knowledge driven collaborative practice and providing them with relevant Knowledge and Advice, PALLIANET is in line with the IST prioriority objective of supporting health professionals in taking promptly the best possible decision for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The consortium constituency has been set up to ensure visibility through user organisations well known in the palliative care area. Moreover, OIS and Airial have already a strong presence in the IT healthcare market and have the ability to reach a pan-European market.

This approach is also supplemented by clear plans for IP protection in order to enable licensing the developed technologies through commercial variants. Pilot Actions will be conducted in France and UK to find balance between the technology and user perspectives. Practices Assessment as well as Pilot Experiments and Trials will provide user pull and guidance to the technological RandD.

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