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Intelligent mobility agents, advanced positioning and mapping technologies integration interoperable multimodal, location based services


Existing infomobility services are only local, incomplete and offered by varying user interfaces and service delivery platforms. IM@GINE IT project aims to develop one and single access point, through which the end user can obtain location-based, intermodal transport information (static and dynamic), mapping and routing, navigation and other related services everywhere in Europe, anytime, taking into account personal preferences of the user. Thus, IM@GINE IT targets the facilitation of seamless travel in Europe.

Key innovative features include the design of a user preference and context of use, issue of guidelines towards on-board compatible and off-board user interfaces, the possibility to provide the service through many different mobile devices (mobile phone, mobile PC, PDA, in-car device), a Multi-Agent System that recognises and even learns user preferences and guides the systems ambient intelligence, an intelligent user localisation technique (combining GPS, Cell ID and logical localisation techniques), a common data management module for interfacing a wide range of contents, the independency from transport mode (covering car, bus, train, metro, tram, ship, airplane, airport facilities and even touristic POI's), an integrated route guidance approach (combining in-vehicle, pedestrian, PT-based and within-building route guidance modules), the development of common transport and tourism ontologies for semantic web applications, the centralised provision of integrated and dynamic services and the open interface to many existing systems; all within a common, modular and intuitive concept.

Thus, IM@GINE IT intends to become a universal platform, covering urban, interurban and cross-border areas. IM@GINE IT supports the eSafety initiative by performing research in distributed intelligent agents, secure communications and advanced positioning and mapping technologies and their integration for supporting the provision of location-based value-added services.

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