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Paraendoscopic intuitive computer assisted operating system


Endoscopic interventions have been performed in growing numbers in Neurosurgery for the last years. Compared to microscopic interventions the use of an endoscope has significant advantages mainly resulting from an improved view of the object field and a reduced trauma. Yet, limitations of the systems available exclude most of the indications in Neurosurgery from Endoscopic interventions. In addition, endoscopic interventions offer significant benefits to the patients. The reduced trauma leads to reduced stays at hospitals and a faster convalescence. Especially in neurosurgery, a reduced trauma is directly associated with a reduced impact on the brain's functions and shows immediate improvements. The availability of an Endoscopic system characterized by improvements concerning optical properties and the handling concept would have the power to transform today's microscopic interventions into Endoscopic interventions in Neurosurgery. The objective of PICO is the development of an integrated Neurosurgical system in a 2-years-schedule consisting of a holding device for an endoscope an ergonomic and reliable human interface for remote control a set of specially adapted micro instruments a specially adapted stereo:-endoscope. The vision of PI CO is the combination of the benefits of microscopic systems like 3D-visualisation and wellsuited holding concepts with the benefits of Endoscopic systems thus overcoming the""""drawbacks in today's Neurosurgery . A consortium of SMEs and RTD performers has been founded bringing together the know-how and the resources needed. The development of such an integrated neuroendoscopic system will make a significant contribution to the future positioning of SMEs in the field of high-tech medical applications. In addition a large enterprise will participate in the project by bringing in its facilities for the development of the stereo-endoscope and making it's market entry-points and sales channels available to the SMEs."

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