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New treatments for surgical implants (NEWTRESI)


The objectives of thIs project are to set-up two innovative vacuum thin film treatments to be deposited on the surface of surgical implants. We will study two categories of implants: The first category is represented by electronic prosthesis for Intracoclear implants; in this case the treatments must replace the ceramic case now used, too thick, and must have a very high level of barrier against water (body's fluids) and to be dielectric (to guarantee the wireless communication with external parts) and to be biocompatible. The second category is represented by Dental and Orthopaedic Titanium prosthesis; the purposes of this coating are: to protect the prosthesis itself by the erosion of body's fluids, to guarantee a faster Osseo integration (not less than 50% reduction of ossification time), to be biocompatible and to avoid rejection by softening of the interface between bone and implant (more than 20 years of lifetime). To obtain this performances we planned to use two innovative deposition technologies: Ion Plating Plasma Assisted (IPPA) (mainly in the configuration Reactive Low Voltage Ion Plating Plasma Assisted (RLVIPPA); High Density Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition Plasma Assisted (HDPECVD).Using this deposition process we aspect to obtain very dense, compact, adherent and very hard layers. To realize the dielectric barrier treatment for electronic prosthesis we planned to use a multilayer of alternate inorganic and semi-organic layers, deposited by IPPA and/or HDPECVD (such as SiC, AI203 and SiOxCy). We planned to use for dental and orthopaedic implants coatings of TiCxOy TitaniumOxicarbide that, deposited by laser ablation showed the desired properties. The use of the proposed deposition techniques is necessary because Laser Ablation is not suitable for an industrial production. The expected results will contribute to the social objectives of European community by improving the quality of life and sustaining employment increasing the EU

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