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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Design of a semi-hot process chain (DESPROCH)


Hot Forging is a manufacturing process by which metal is plastically deformed under great pressure and high workpiece temperature into high durable parts known as forgings. The forged parts are used in areas where there is a demand for high quality and e xcellent mechanical properties combined with large batch sizes. Customer's demands are rising with regard to higher accuracy of manufacturing, surface quality and use of material. It is on the forges to respond to these pressures. Therefore it is necessa ry to support the European forging industry that mainly consists of SMEs, in the development an optimization of production technologies. Semi-hot or warm forging is an economical alternative to the conventional forging technology. It offers several adv antages that contribute to economic, environmental and social issues. These are reduced energy input, no scale, better surface quality and closer tolerances. It has been successfully used in the production of rotationally symmetric components so far. Com ponents in which one axis is several times longer than the others cannot be manufactured with this process by now. Main goal of this project is to establish a basis for the set-up of complete, reliable and flexible process chains for the semi-hot forgin g of long parts. It begins with the feeding of raw material and ends with the output of finished, cooled and measured parts. This is to be realized in the supporting SMEs in a one-piece-flow process with low production costs and high process quality and will guarantee an optimal use of the project results. The result expected from the proposed project is the spreading of the semi-hot forging technology first within the project participants but further on in the European forging industry as a whole and hence strengthening the competitiveness of European forges. It will also help the SME participants to build up international partnerships and alliances for research and marketing. This will help them to keep up with the globalization of the market.

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