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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Intelligent System for optimising the on-line Finish process for stone slabs and wood panels (WOODSTONE)


The WOOD-STONE system to be designed, built and tested within the project will be basically made up of a 3D laser scanner device equipped with a digital camera and/or a video-camera in order to be used for acquiring necessary information (on slabs and wood panels) which will be processed by a specific SW system able to interact with the machining line for the final finishing/polishing operations giving the expected answers on the quality of the final products.

The innovative system aims at obtaining the following main different results: Supply reference parameters to the final semi-processed material manufacturing phases. This aspect regards marble slabs; mostly the final working phase of polishing and potential wood applications are also foreseen related t o the finishing of wood panels. This operative phase is carried out in order to give desired exterior features to the final products by removing material with grindstones.

The running depth is obviously the crucial parameter of this phase. The 3D scanner is able to detect all the existing defects on the marble slab that needs to be polished or on wood panels. Scanning will take about 10 seconds (for marble slabs with maximum size: 2.5 x 3.0 m) acquiring the marble slab shape and the various defects will be mapped and measured too. A vision system will also operate and will assess the strictly exterior aspects of the scanned material.

The dedicated SW will then proceed, for each defect, to calculate the most significant geometrical parameters such as defect perimeter and depth. The SW system will also calculate the running depth of the polishing phase to set up the machining parameters. The deeper the running depth, the higher number of defects will be eliminated. On the other hand, the deeper the running depth, the greater the working costs and time consumed.

Precision level involves the 3D acquisition and SW elaboration phases, which is not less than 0.1 mm. Supply objective data for the finished product classification phase divided according to various quality levels. The end products quality may depend on their colour characteristics, on the number and also on the type of the still existing defects over the finished surface.

The prototypal system will work effectively, precisely and quickly in automatic mo de in order to facilitate and optimize the working time and costs, simultaneously providing the objective quality classification of the polished stone slabs and the finished wood panels. Notes: 3D means three dimension system; SW means software.

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