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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Multi monitoring medical chip for homecare applications (ULSYS)


The successful management of venous leg ulcers represents a significant clinical problem and a major drain on limited financial resources for the health services. Compression therapy is accepted as the essential part of the venous ulcer treatment. In pro posed project an opportunity is offered to develop a pressure dressing system that addresses the shortcomings of current state-of-the-art whilst making considerable costs savings. The proposed project intends to develop advanced, and more effective, two -part neoprene based pressure dressing integrated with pressure monitoring system. The pressure monitor system will allow the system to be employed in a primary care environment through to or by community health care worker or by the patient self-caring at home. Portable system allows the doctor, nurse, health visitor and patient to take an instant and accurate readout of pressure applied by the dressing system to the bOdy. The system that is worn continuously and discretely enables the patient. to ad just the compression therapy themselves if the forces applied by the dressing system drift out of tolerance. A highly professional version of the system is also proposed for the clinical usage. Additional improvement of the system is proposed by introduc tion of the enzyme based treatment. The system will include a self-fixing, fully adjustable carrier upon which is attached an optimised membrane impregnated with a composition of enzyme complexes that produce multiple effect in various stages of the tre atment. The advanced system for compression therapy of venous leg ulcer will be developed in few phases including the development, design and testing of the separate components and integrationof the components into advanced intelligent system. Clinical t rials, final evaluation and development of plans for commercialisation of the system will be performed.


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