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Prediction of Irradiation Damage Effects on Reactor Components (PERFECT)


In nuclear power reactors, materials may undergo degradation due to severe irradiation conditions. So far, the material databases needed to allow for these degradations in the design and safe operation of installations have mainly relied on long-term irradiation programs in test reactors as well as on mechanical or corrosion testing in specialized hot cells. This predominantly empirical approach can now be complemented and improved. Indeed, continuous progressing computer technology and physical understanding of radiation damage has made possible the development faulty-scale numerical tools capable of simulating the effects of irradiation on mechanical and corrosion properties of materials. The proposed 4 year Integrated Project has mainly for objective to develop such tools. They will be used to solve issues related to Light Water Reactor pressure vessels and internal structures (PWR and WWR types). The Project has also for objectives
i) to ensure the diffusion of these tools among the European nuclear industry,
ii) tousle them to perform a first European collective exercise of component analysis in which material behaviour assessment will be done by numerical simulation,
iii) to apply the proposed simulation tools to complement previous or current international projects and
iv) to form young researchers to the mechanisms of degradation of materials. PERFECT will be run by 12 European organizations involved in the nuclear field and 16 Universities. Representative of constructors, utilities, regulators, research organizations, will join the PERFECT Users-Group where they will receive the information and training required to get their own appraisal on limits and potentialities of the developed tools. This sharing of knowledge is a key point for the tools to be accepted and used on industrial applications. A Consortium Agreement outlines the rules of the PERFECT Consortium.

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