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Community Waste Management 2 : Improving the Governance of Nuclear Waste Management and Disposal in Europe (COWAM-2)


The objective of COWAM 2 is to contribute to the actual improvement of the governance of Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) in order to address the issue of geological waste disposal in Europe, by:
- Better addressing and understanding societal expectations, needs and concerns as regards radioactive waste decision making processes, notably at local and regional levels, taking advantage of the past and ongoing successful and unsuccessful experiences of RWM in the concerned European countries- Increasing societal awareness of and accountability for RWM at local, national and European levels, creating the conditions for an improved dialogue among representatives of civil society and the traditional public and private actors of RWM- Developing guidance on innovative democratic governance of RWM, integrating local, national and European levels of decision as well the key non technical and technical dimensions involved,
- Developing best practices and benchmarking on practical and sustainable decision making processes recognised as fair and equitable by the stakeholders involved at the local, national and European levels as well as consistent on the short, medium and long term of RWM- Contributing to enable European societies to make actual progress in the governance of RWM, in order to reach practicable, accountable and sustainable decisions. COWAM 2 will aim at broad involvement of actors from civil society (with significant representation of local communities, elected representatives, and NGOs, as well as social and natural scientists from outside RWM institutions) together with the traditional actors in the field such as the implementers of RWM, the Public Authorities, experts and waste producers. COWAM 2 specifically addresses the objectives of Erratum Work Programme "to better understand what influences public acceptance and develop guidance for the improved governance of geological waste disposal". Grounding on the results of the COWAM 1, RISCOM, NEA FSC

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