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The Fascinating World of Science

Final Report Summary - FW-SCIENCE2004 (The fascinating world of science)

The FW-SCIENCE2004 project aimed to increase public awareness on science, including its applications and influence on everyday life. This effort referred to a wide range of well known scientific fields, namely biology, geology, physics, chemistry and mathematics. An additional indirect objective was to motivate young people towards a career in these areas.

A series of activities were therefore developed and conducted by scientists and teachers, with the purpose of disseminating detailed information on scientific research and on its potential to improve everyday life and provide answers regarding the universe and the environment. Two largely heterogeneous target groups were considered, namely the general public and the school population, including teachers and students of varying age.

FW-SCIENCE2004 resulted in the following exploitable results:
1. information on activities aiming to attract the attention of various individuals towards the events that were planned;
2. production of a compact disk that presented the principal education and research activities of the Minho University, which was distributed all over Portugal; itinerant exhibition and a brochure presenting the most striking contributions for the development of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) science and technology;
4. a series of experimental protocols to serve as guides during the project workshops and laboratories, which could also be adapted and utilised for the teaching of sciences in secondary schools.