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Wide-range non-intrusive devices toward conservation of historical monuments in the Mediterranean area


The objective of this project is the development of a sustainable and cost-effective retrofit technology, which will allow non-intrusive rehabilitation of historical monuments in the Mediterranean area. Following the main results achieved on a theoretical and experimental ground within a 5th EU Framework programme project, the two main goals of the present proposal are: 1) to enlarge the geographical area of intervention of the present cooperative effort; 2) to translate the design features arisen from the ongoing project into devices to be actually implemented in some specific cases. In particular, shape memory alloy (SMA) pre-stressed devices will be used to fasten cracked brick while stone monuments and SMA dampers will be introduced in slender structures as minarets and bell-towers. Three steps are envisaged: a) a thermo mechanical characterization of two different alloys (the classical Ni-Ti alloy and a Cu- based alloy) in order to avoid a last moment inconsistency between material and application; b) a smart implementation of the material properties into suitable devices; c) the full validation pursued through case studies located in the historical areas of the Mediterranean partners.

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