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Innovative materials and technologies for the conservation of paper of historical, artistic and archaeological value


The aim of this research project is the development of innovative diagnostic techniques and protocols to evaluate the deterioration degree of paper items of historical and artistic value, and the study of innovative materials and technologies for their con servation. New innovative techniques will be developed. A new mobile NMR instrument (NMR-MOUSE) able of characterizing "in situ" objects through relaxometric measurements will be optimized to carry out a deep characterization of the paper items. Enhanced m ethods of thermal characterization will be moreover set up and new micro-analytical techniques will be used for the identification of inks and additives. At the end of the characterization procedure carried out on real objects, model-samples will be realiz ed by artificial aging of special papers. These model-samples will be used to test the innovative materials and technologies set up and described as follows. New specific polymeric materials suitable for the conservation treatment of paper will be synthesi zed and tested on the model-samples; moreover grafting and cross-linking reaction technologies will be optimized to improve the characteristics of the degraded paper. New synthetic antifungals will be tested. A new laser cleaning technology will be tested on the paper items. The effectiveness and the compatibility of the materials and technologies set up will be evaluated by characterizing model-samples treated with the different methodologies. The spreading out and the exploitation of results will be carri ed out through the realization of an electronic platform, to be considered as the center of a network for the exchange of information. Significant items will be selected and submitted to the diagnostic protocol. These items will be set up and restored acco rding to the selected methodologies. These items will be used for the organization of exhibitions showing the procedures used to solve the different conservation problem on paper objects.

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