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From country level to a pan-European perspective: A co-ordinated approach to controlling cystic echinococcosis


Cystic echinococcosis (CE) is a major regionally relevant communicable disease in the whole Mediterraneanregion and among migrants to the EU. Its public health importance is growing while surveillance, prevention, and clinical management are still far from satisfactory. In EU member states, CE is an orphan disease, and there is comparatively little experience with treatment. However, health services in EU partner countries are increasingly confronted with the clinical management of CE patients due to migration. This proposal aims at (I) devising an standard methodology for transformer data collection and uniform data presentation in the fields of surveillance, prevention and clinical management of cystic echinococcosis, (ii) identifying effective and feasible prevention measures, (iii) collecting systematically data from endemic (MPC) and non-endemic (EU) countries with respect to clinical management procedures of cystic echinococcosis for the four treatment categories surgery, PAIR, drug treatment, watch & wait, (iv) assessing the clinical management procedures with respect to cure rate, complication rate, recurrence rate, and cost, and (v) making recommendations for improved surveillance, prevention, and case management and quality of care.Forseable benefits of the project’s)High-quality, transformer information on transmission and treatment of cystic echinococcosis available in endemic and non-endemic regions)"Best practice" prevention recommendations for the MPC region available)"Best practice" treatment guidelines available in all participating countries)Improved quality of clinical management of CE in all participating countries)Transfer of ultrasound-based management techniques from EU to MPC countries)Management experience from endemic MPC countries available in EU partner countries. These benefits are ultimately expected to contribute towards a decrease in the incidence of cysticechinococcosis in the Mediterranean Region.

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