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Virtual balkan power centre for advance of renewable energy sources in Western Balkans


Countries in the Western Balkan region have great unexploited potential of renewable energy sources (RES), which could by efficient use significantly contribute to security of supply within the region and wider. Special care has to be devoted to sound solu tions for electricity supply of undeveloped and isolated regions due to war damage. The main objectives of the VBPC are: (i) transfer of know-how in RES technology and their implementation for isolated regions, (ii) to identify main economic and legislativ e factors influencing investment decisions in RES including barriers and local specifics, and to identify options to improve penetration of RES, and (!ii) awareness building and education on modes, means and benefits of renewable energy sources. The work w ithin the VBPC will be organized in 4 work packages (WP). First WP will deal with transfer of best practice and best technologies in RES for isolated regions, comprising energy transformation, distribution, operation and control, connection to the local ne twork, energy storage and organizational as also other implementation issues. In the second WP the regulatory framework of each WB country will be analyzed to identify barriers and local specifics. This will be archived by exchange ofinformation on establi shing incentives for promotion of RES and experiences with harmonisation with EU legislation in EU, AS and WB countries. Communication and dissemination with key focus groups (policy makers, utilities and SMEs, higher education system) will be the objectiv e of the WP3. Fore each key focus group of actors important for RES implementation in the region a special dissemination program will be carried out comprising targeted workshops, conferences, public reports and summer schools. The fourth WP will be devote d to project management issues and to support actions and activities in the first three work packages.

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