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European Symposia for the evaluation of potentials and perspectives of curative cell therapies for autoimmune diseases


Abstract CELLAID provides an integrative European platform for the evaluation and development of research strategies for cell therapies of the immune system, aiming at a cure of autoimmune diseases. Objectives: CELLAID will organize three symposia to form a European consortium on immunocyte-based therapies for autoimmune diseases. This communication platform will provide an overview on the existing potential and allow the discussion of integrated pan-European strategies for future development. CELLAID will create a European network for immunocyte-based therapies. European efforts are required to strengthen the European lead in technology and to combine this with pan-European clinical trials. Workplan: The first CELLAID symposium will assess Cellular concepts of immune therapies for autoimmune diseases. The second and third symposia will specifically address European perspectives towards immunocyte-based therapies, with focus on transfer into joint European clinical trials, integration of European companies, and the harmonization of studies, trials and immune monitoring and regulatory affairs for advanced therapies. Results of the symposia will be disseminated to different target groups appropriately. Impact: Currently, no cure is available for autoimmune diseases, which therefore require life-long treatment with high risk of adverse events, and lack a regenerative perspective. The socio-economic impact of is ~15 Mrd./year in Germany alone. Immunocyte-based therapies - based on recent advances in genomics, immunology and cytometry - aim at the cure of autoimmunity and a reset of tolerance which is a prerequisite for regenerative therapies. They will have high translational potential for other immune diseases. The impact of the conferences will be the formation of the scientific and clinical community to build up the critical mass for joint research efforts and the initiation of a unique European Network for cell-based therapies in autoimmune diseases.

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