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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Team on Advanced Transgenic Animal Technologies


Recent progress on understanding of the genetic basis of human diseases has been catalysed by studies in model organisms. Transgenic mammalians, especially genetic knock-out mice have been proven as essential modelling tools for manifestation of human diseases, and further sophisticated models are necessary to continue the advancement.

In order to enhance our genetic understanding of human diseases, our recently established team in Hungary is planning to develop new transgenic laboratory animal models both in mo use and rabbit for comparative analyses of functional genomics indifferent species and for disease models. In the mouse gene-targeting technology has been possible thanks to stable embryonic stem cell lines.

In most mammalians the lack of such cell lines, however, has so far prevented targeted genetic modifications. This proposal is aimed to develop a technological platform for producing new transgenic models via new tools such as nuclear replacement and gene-targeting in somatic cells.

The project is aimed to significantly strengthen and provide a strong international element for a newly established research team in Hungary, and to conduct research primarily to further develop and validate the nuclear replacement system for safety and reliability as a technological platform.

Relevant issues, such as somatic cell gene targeting and standardisation of newly generated model animals by cryopreservation will be addressed. Our goal is also to generate the first gene targeted rabbit models for medical research.

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