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Promoting European Excellence in Multi-disciplinary research and teaching in social dialogue and working environment in the Baltic accession States


Objectives of the proposal:
- To create a means of promoting and transferring excellence in multidisciplinary teaching and research in Baltic States.
- To provide the highest level of expertise in a key area of social and policy concern, namely inter-connected issues of social dialogue and working environment affecting the quality of daily working life.
- To encourage, through example and inspiration, the mobility of younger researchers between existing and new Member states with a view to realising critical mass in terms of a dynamic knowledge-based European Research Area.

How they will be achieved:
- By implementation of a structured programme of research activity.
- By the delivery of a programme of theses supervisions, seminars and teaching provisions at post-graduate and doctoral student levels, illustrating the value of multidisciplinary approaches to research and policy.
- By the provision of individual advice and networking capacities to younger researchers and scholars with a view to encouraging international mobility in European social science.
- By the conduct of dissemination activities using both individual presentations and ICT, both in academic context, and to wider policy and general audiences. Relevance to the objectives of the Specific Programme (Marie Curie)

The creation of a top-level appointment in an academic institution (EuroFaculty) committed to the promotion and recognition of scientific excellence in the Baltic States through curriculum reform and leading-edge research and teaching capacity transfer in social sciences, between existing and new Members States. Relevance to the Work programme

The Chair holder proposal addresses the needs of SMEs in the research proposal, links the proposed research and teaching activities, promotes a structured European Research Area by encouraging excellence and mobility in the context of the enlarged EU, and provides training and promotion of scientific competencies within a sustainable framework.

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