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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Dynamic 3D modelling and simulation for landscape and environmental management.


Geo-informatics is concerned with the collection, display and utilization of spatial information - a key feature of many aspects of planning and decision-making. It is expected that the future of Geo-informatics will heavily involve virtual reality and simulation.

The Chair research will attempt to integrate Computer Science advances with the needs of spatial planning. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) were developed for 2D static data display, whereas simulation requires movement, interaction and often the third dimension.

This requires major changes in the data structures used to preserve topology (connectedness) between the various components in a changing 3D world. Difficulties occur from the use of an inappropriate perceptual model for some particular problem, and a lack of familiarity of many spatial analysts with the latest Computer Science research.

The proposed Chair agenda thus has the following components:
- A compilation component, to obtain a sufficient set of spatial structures and operators for manipulating geo-data, based on work by the Chair Holder, Computer Science researchers, and Geo-informatics specialists.
- A theoretical component, where gaps in this set of tools would be filled - e.g. by the use of dynamic or kinetic Voronoi diagram s in 2D and 3D; interactive landscape modification for simulation or urban planning; full surface modelling for complex urban landscapes; and dynamic 3D volumetric modelling for geological, marine or atmospheric simulation of physical or man-made processes.
- A training component, where workshops would be given at various locations in the EU to familiarize spatial planning practitioners and students with the potential of recent technological developments.
- An applications component, where various classes of spatial analysis problems are compared, and general suggestions and toolkits provided to assist in particular domains - e.g. forestry, oceanography, landscape management, and urban planning.

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