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Sharing expertise in the field of labor economics through a program of long-term visiting scholars


The Institute for The Study of Labor (henceforth IZA) is a research institute with a research staff of approximately 12 post-docs, 3 established senior researchers and 2 to 4 in house PhD students. The goal of the proposal is to bring senior established sc holars in the field of labor economics to IZA and interact with the in house staff of young post-docs for a substantial length of time (one year). The long term visits of one year will allow enough time to start and complete joint research projects and let the junior researchers tap into and absorb the accumulated expertise embodied in the senior visiting scholar. This will be accomplished by having the visiting scholar present a series of high level lectures, by fully participating in the regular scientifi c events at IZA and by co-supervising ongoing research of the in-house PhD students and post-docs. IZA is a leader in labor market research, already facilitating international cooperation. What this proposal will establish is to make IZA itself a warehouse for knowledge, by training its relative young staff to become the best possible researchers with a very high level of expertise. By first centralizing existing knowledge into one center, this knowledge can then be efficiently redistributed within the comm unity. Given IZA's long standing research efforts on the labor markets of transition economies, IZA will also be of the utmost importance to labor economists from the 10 accession countries. IZA has also begun to extend its research agenda to new fields of labor economics, such as microeconomic analyses of the labor markets and their institutions, behavioral facets of labor economics, and modern personnel economics, as is reflected by recent hirings of researchers interested in these fields. This setup faci litates the most efficient (re-)distribution of existing expertise and will enable the supply of qualified research capacity to increase and keep up with the increase in the demand for labor market research.

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