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Methodology for local and regional real estate markets analyses and possible applications of results


The level of development in real estate market affects the economic and social spheres. It isdependent on different economic, social, legal and even political conditions. The real estatemarket is primarily of local and regional nature in the housing and a part of commercialsector. The methodology for analysis that has been worked out in the EU countries allowsfor demand anticipation and indication of the supply adapting abilities. Among other things itmeans lowering the threat of too rapid increase follo wed by deep crisis because the verymechanism and certain warning signals are known. Thus, it is possible to assign remedialmeasures.Co-operation with experienced EU scientists will facilitate the development of modernmethodology for local and regional real estate markets analysis. It will also assist inbroadening the course and teaching offer of the Department. Representing a similar field ofinterests UE research and scientific units carry out comprehensive scientific researches with aparticular focus on re cognition of local and regional market characteristics (subjects ofresearch include living preferences among various age groups, construction sector activity,financial sector activity in relation to credit and mortgage loans execution).Getting to know the methodology would help to work out our own research methods.It would help begin the study on the local and regional market, which, in the longer term andupon the receipt of historical data sequence, should help identify the tendencies and marketmechanisms. The research could be used to develop real estate monitoring in a joint effortwith statistical institutionsKnowledge transfer is indispensable for carrying out the project objective. In this caseknowledge transfer should involve inviting experienced EU sc ientists and training a university Departmental researcher abroad.

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