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Mathematical modelling of fracture in adhesive joints

Final Activity Report Summary - MATHMOD (Mathematical modelling of fracture in adhesive joints)

The focus of the project has been on the transfer of knowledge between Liverpool University (United Kingdom) and Rzeszow university (Poland) and original research in the new and challenging area of modelling of imperfect interfaces, which included analysis of waves in structured media, models of interfacial three-dimensional cracks, problems of plasticity and models of imperfect interfaces where displacements and/or tractions are discontinuous. The four year project has been completed in full, which includes the entire list of thoroughly completed research tasks outlined in the original proposal. The highlights of the project were very productive visits of academic staff from the department of mathematical sciences of Liverpool University to the Rzeszow University of Technology. These resulted in series of high quality lectures, research seminars and workshops.

Reciprocally, academic members of staff of Rzeszow University of Technology visited United Kingdom, delivered lectures of outstanding international standard and carried out intensive research collaboration with colleagues from Liverpool. This has also stimulated research student exchange between Liverpool and Rzeszow in the framework of the Erasmus Socrates European programme. The scientific results obtained during the course of the project have attracted a lot of attention of the research community and have stimulated intensive research collaboration between Liverpool University and Polish Academy of Sciences, Trento University (Italy), Tel-Aviv University (Israel) and the University of Texas at Austin (United States).

The results of the research have been published in the high quality of international research journals including journal of the mechanics and physics of solids, proceeding of the royal society A London, waves in random and complex media and the keynote research presentations have been delivered at the international research conferences and workshops. The work proceeded on schedule and according to the approved financial plan of expenditure.