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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Excellence in combustion and heat technology research and application


The research staff of the Department of Heat Technology of the Lodz University specializes in combustion of homogeneous swirling mixture and accompanying processes of heat transfer to the walls. Combustion in a swirling mixture has its important practical implications in different kinds of industrial burners and in some up-to-date combustion systems of spark ignition engines. The special subjects of interest are: 1) properties of flames propagating in a lean mixture (low pollution of NOX), 2) the mechanism of flame quenching under the action of highcentrifugal forces (flame quenching is potential source of pollution), 3) proper experimental measurements of related heat flux determined under unsteady conditions, 4) related numerical calculations of selected p roblems of heat transfer phenomena. To the best of our knowledge nobody is studying in detail the phenomena of flame propagation and extinction in a field of high centrifugal forces. The main objective of the proposal is to enhance all the elements of the described above research. In order to obtain visible quantitative and qualitative progress it is necessary to train researchers in more effective use of the existing in the Lodz laboratory PIV system (DANTEC), in more wide use of the visualization methods, in development of data acquisition systems, in more wide application of numerical calculation methods etc. Experienced researchers from some leading European research centres, during their visits to the Lodz laboratories, may train the local staff in expe rimental and numerical techniques in the process of the joint research work. Experienced researchers from the Lodz University sent to the selected European research laboratories are able to develop research capabilities in experimental techniques (e.g. PIV ) and in numerical methods (CFX, FLUID). The research team has a chance to intensify existing research programs by a transfer of the new knowledge to the laboratories of the Lodz University of Technology.

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