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Multi-scale methods for two-phase and complex flows


Polydispersed turbulent two-phase flows are turbulent flows in which bubbles, particles or droplets of different sizes are embedded. Accurate models and numerical simulations are useful for many industrial processes, particularly combustion devices, and al so for environmental purposes (for example, particle dispersion in the atmosphere) and for new green energy-producing techniques. Modelling and simulating turbulent two-phase flows require to couple different physical descriptions for the fluid and the par ticle phases. While the fluid phase is always described by a macroscopic Eulerian approach, the particle phase is either described by an Eulerian approach (modelling constitutive relations for averaged properties) or by a Lagrangian description (modelling the instantaneous behaviour or individual elements). The Lagrangian approach is best suited to address complex physical terms while the Eulerian is simpler and numerically more efficient. The aim of the project is to develop a new multi-scale method that w ould combine and use the two above-mentioned descriptions at the same time, hi different regions of a turbulent flow a given description would be used depending upon the complexity of the local physical phenomena that are important to capture in that regio n. In that sense, the overall method would use the finer description when locally needed and resort to a more macroscopic description in the rest of the domain. It is proposed to develop the method in a two-step approach. The first step would propose a hyb rid and coupled method between the two descriptions everywhere in the domain so as to first monitor the consistency and efficiency of the algorithm. The second step will propose to switch smoothly from one description to the other one using a local criteri on. It is expected that the complete method will greatly improve physical models as well as reduce computational costs. The host organization with the help of an #

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