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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Experimental and computational modelling of mechano-sorptive fracture processes in wood


The primary objective of the proposed research program is to develop profound analytical, numerical andexperimental base to predict the response of structural components under common in-service conditions. Withthe hypothesis that the local wood behaviour under changing humidity conditions is non-linear, locallydominated by the material heterogeneities, the significance of the research program will be placed on developinga computational modelling framework that could realistically represent all interacting phenomena, yet capable ofyielding practical efficiency. In terms of novelty of proposed scientific approach, the experimental analysis willencompass phenomena pertinent to fracture criteria to be provided through Environmental Scanning ElectronMicroscopy (ESEM) and prediction of crack propagation path, and stress analysis under changing humidityconditions. Local material heterogeneities will be implemented via novel lattice fracture model, where thephysical microstructure is explicitly represented at the scale of dominant influence of non-continuum behaviour,allowing for capturing the paradigm of failure and progressive damage in the presence of humidity cycles.The hypothesis of acceptable serviceability performance of the surfaced green lumber will be exploredthrough the analysis of both longitudinal and transversal mechaho-sorption. Depending on the final structuraluse, experimental program needs to be performed in fracture mode I (opening mode), mode II (shearing mode)and mixed modes with cyclic moisture content changes. Moisture gradient throughout the cross-section at theloci of wood defects, as well as stress redistribution due to different rates of stress relaxation during drying andwetting cycles will be determined through the Finite Element Analysis and moisture diffusion models.

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